Many people do not recognize this mega home store because of its great prices, but they should. With its great customer service, fully stocked clearance racks and liberal coupon policy, this is a great place for people who are pinching pennies.

This is a very easy store to shop in. Every location is set up the same way, as not to avoid confusion. The soft goods, like pillows and other bedding, are on one side of the store, while utility items are on the other. In addition to the “Everyday Low Prices” that are many more ways for people to save when they are shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond.

How To Save Money At Bed Bath and Beyond using coupon

This is just coupon sample!

Bed Bath & Beyond Saving Advice

  • Clearance racks can be found in the middle aisles (they are labeled with yellow stickers). You should also check the end caps of each aisle for clearance items and overstocks.
  • Clearance bedding can be found in two different areas. There is a small rack near where the high-end bedding is located, and at the end cap. You can search these places if you want to find bedding that is not so costly.
  • Look for deals that offer free gift cards in exchange for making a purchase or starting a registry. Keep in mind that you don’t actually have to get married in order to create a registry. You can find these deals in the spring since that is directly before housewarming and wedding season.
  • Are you having second thoughts about a purchase? The store is known for having a return policy that is extremely customer friendly, and they guarantee satisfaction. I had a personal experience with this recently. I bought a bottle opener that did not work at all. I did not have my receipt, but I had the original packaging. Bed Bath & Beyond gave me a full refund without asking any questions. Awesome.
  • If you purchase gift cards in bulk, the store offers discounts. The amount depends on your individual situation. If you plan to make a large number of purchases in the next few months, you should consider buying some gift cards. There is never a fee for using the cards and they do not expire.

Using Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond To Save More

  • The store is very liberal when it comes to printing coupons and using them. You can pretty much ignore everything that is in the fine print. They allow customers to use expired coupons, and they will allow you to use them in things that are on sale and clearance. You can also use multiple coupons on one purchase – one per item.
  • Did you forget your coupons, or don’t have any at this time? That is not a problem. The store offers a future coupon adjustment. All you need to do is bring the Bed bath and beyond printable coupon and receipt to the store at any time and you will be given a refund of the coupon amount. There is no time limit – I was told my customer service that the adjustment is made at the buyer’s convenience.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond will accept coupons from competitors, and they have accepted expired ones as well. They also take manufacturer coupons.
  • The store has a price match policy, but keep in mind that the priced matched are the regular prices, and not sale items. In my experience, you should ask anyway since some stores will bend the rules in order to keep your business. You are also allowed to use coupons in addition to the adjustment.
  • If you have a paper coupon and you want to buy an item you saw online, you can use the store’s ordering service and have it sent to a nearby location, then use the coupon when it is time to check out. You may still have to pay for shipping (sometimes the stores offers it for free, but some stores waive the fees, especially if it is a regular item they have and they are sold out.

How to Find Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons

  • Sign up for their newsletter and you will be given coupons via snail mail and/or email.
  • Look in newspapers and magazines. Many home, family and women’s magazines have coupons each month.
  • Check the Internet. Bloggers and coupon sites post many coupons that can be printed and used, this one for example.