Which offer is better, the 20% off or the $5 off $15? The amount of money saved depends on the price of your entire purchase and the price of the individual items. If your purchase falls from $15-25, it’s usually going to be best to use your $5 coupon. This is going to result in a higher percentage for your overall discount. However, when you’re making a larger purchase, your 20% coupons are typically the better deal. Remember that these coupons can only be used on a single item, so you may want to save up a few coupons to use since the cashiers regularly allow multiple coupons per transaction. However, if your individual items are more expensive in price, especially if each item costs more than $25, then you’re going to see a bigger discount from the 20% off coupon. When you’re unsure of which offer is going to save you the most money, look at the total price of your purchase in addition to the price of each item separately. The cashiers in the store are also very helpful and usually will tell shoppers which discount is going to result in the greatest amount of money saved.